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Anterior drawer test


This is a specific test for the integrity of the anterior talofibular ligament.


The subject lies supine and relaxed with the knee Aexed to 90°. The heel rests on the couch and the foot is in slight plantar flexion. The examiner stands at the opposite side of the foot, level with it. One hand stabilizes the lower leg while the other is placed at the lateral border of the foot.


Stabilize the lower leg. Try to move the foot forwards in a medial direction.

Common mistakes:

• The lower leg is not stabilized.
• There is too much plantar flexion at the ankle joint.

Normal functional anatomy:

• Rauge: none
• Elld-feel: ligamentous
• Limiting structure: anterior talofibular ligament.

Common pathological situations.

The movement is only possible if the anterior talofibular ligament is ruptured or elongated. Movement is indicated by a forwards shift of the lateral margin of the trochlea tali in relation to the latera I malleolus.

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