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Strong varus movement at the ankle


This movement tests the integrity of the strong distal tibiofibular ligaments.


The ankle is in neutral position and the knee extended. The examiner is distal to the foot. The ipSilateral hand fixes the leg at the inner side, just above the ankle. The contralateral hand grasps the foot at the heel.


Force the heel with a strong and quick thrust into varus .

Common mistakes.

The movement is not executed firmly enough.

Common pathological situations:

• When there is ligamentous rupture or laXity of the distal tibiofibular ligaments, the fibula can be pressed outwards, a circumstance that is detected by a palpable click when the tibia and the fibula engage after their momentary separation .
• In a total rupture of the anterior talofibular or the calcaneofibular ligaments, this test will also show laxity.

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