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Valgus movement


The heel rests on the couch, the knee is slightly flexed and the ankle in neutral position. The examiner is distal to the foot and grasps the heel between the clasped hands. In order to avoid movements in the ankle joint the talus
is stabilized between tibial and fibular malleoli. This is achieved by traction on the
heel and through a slight pressure with the trunk against the patient’s forefoot.


Swing the upper half of the body outwards.

Common mistakes:

• Full dorsiflexion is lost.
• Uncomfortable pressure is exerted on the calcaneus.

Normallunctional anatomy:

• Rallge: 10-15°
• Elld-fee/: ligamentous
• Limiting structures:

– posterior fibres of the deltoid ligament
– talocalcanean interosseus ligament
– joint capsule.

Common pathological situations.

Medial pain may indicate a lesion of the deltoid ligament.

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