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Muscle Ruptures

Ruptures of the back muscles occur in weightlifters; javelin and discus throwers; pole-vaulters; football, handball, basketball, and volleyball players, wrestlers and boxers; and many others. The injury usually consists of minor ruptures and is most often located in the long back extensors and the large, flat back muscles.

– Piercing pain is felt on flexion, extension, and rotation.
– Local tenderness is found over the area of rupture.


The athlete should:

– begin controlled muscle training after a few days;
– mobilize as tolerated with pain as a guide;
– apply local heat and use a heat retainer, though not until 2–3 days after the injury has occurred.

The doctor may give analgesic and (perhaps) anti-inflammatory medication.


If training and competition are resumed before the injury has healed completely there is a risk of renewed bleeding and delayed healing.

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