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Physical activity has no adverse effect on a normal pregnancy, but it should be moderated as the pregnancy develops. Physical fitness can make both pregnancy and delivery easier. Most active sportswomen stop competing in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and are content with only a limited training program.Caution, however, is advisable, particularly in contact sports and in sports where a large increase in core body temperature may occur.

After delivery, sporting activity should not be resumed for 6–8 weeks, when any discharge has ceased and the uterus has returned to its normal size. During the 8 weeks after delivery pelvic muscle exercises will help to prevent possible future problems such as uterine prolapse. Other training and competitive sporting activities can then be resumed gradually.Many women breast-feed their babies, and milk production is adversely affected by heavy physical training. During the breast-feeding period the breasts are also relatively enlarged and thus more easily damaged by physical activity.

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