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Posterior Inpingement of the Ankle


There is a gradually increasing stiffness of the ankle and exercise-induced pain around the posterior part of the ankle joint, sometimes after previous sprain. This injury often affects footballers and ballet dancers.


Impingement syndrome is not a diagnosis but a symptom and may be caused by repetitive injury to the posterior ankle […]

Ankle Problems

Ankle Pain

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Ankle Pain


A Patient’s Guide to Shin Splints


Pain along the front or inside edge of the shinbone (tibia) is commonly referred to as shin splints. The problem is common in athletes who run and jump. It is usually caused by doing too much, too quickly. The runner with this condition typically reports a recent change in training, such as increasing the […]

A Patient’s Guide to Peroneal Tendon Subluxation


The peroneals are two muscles and their tendons that attach along the outer edge of the lower leg. The peroneal tendons are enclosed in a fibrous tunnel that runs behind the outside ankle bone (the lateral malleolus). Damage or injury to the structures that form and support this tunnel may lead to a condition […]

A Patient’s Guide to Peroneal Tendon Problems


Problems affecting the two peroneal tendons that lie behind the outer ankle bone (the lateral malleolus) are common in athletes. These problems mainly occur in the area where the two tendons glide within a fibrous tunnel behind the lateral malleolus.

This guide will help you understand

how peroneal tendon problems develop how doctors diagnose […]

A Patient’s Guide to Artificial Joint Replacement of the Ankle


Surgery to replace the ankle joint with an artificial joint (called ankle arthroplasty) is becoming more common. This surgery is not done as often as replacement of the knee or hip joints. Still, when necessary, this operation can reduce the pain from arthritis of the ankle. Recent advances in the design of the artificial […]

A Patient’s Guide to Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries


An ankle injury common to athletes is the ankle syndesmosis injury. This type of injury is sometimes called a high ankle sprain because it involves the ligaments above the ankle joint. In an ankle syndesmosis injury, at least one of the ligaments connecting the bottom ends of the tibia and fibula bones (the lower […]