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A Patient’s Guide to Transient Synovitis of the Hip in Children

Transient Synovitis of the Hip in Children

Transient Synovitis of the Hip in Children


Transient synovitis of the hip is an acute inflammatory condition of the inner lining of the hip. Transient means it is temporary and doesn’t last long. Transient synovitis is also known as toxic synovitis or irritable hip.

This condition affects young children (boys more […]

A Patient’s Guide to Rotational Deformities in Children

Rotational Deformities in Children

Rotational Deformities in Children

Rotational deformities of the legs and feet in children are often a cause of concern for parents. Most people think of the deformities as either toeing in or toeing out. The deformity actually comes from rotation of the femur and the tibia. Rotation of the legs at birth is […]

Children’s Orthopedic Surgeons Surveyed About Treatment for Early Scoliosis

When it comes to scoliosis in very young children, things are changing in the world of pediatric orthopedics. The traditional treatment with spinal fusion, casting, and bracing is being replaced by growing rods and devices that help the chest wall expand with good spinal alignment.

Those are the main points taken from an on-line survey […]

Growth Factors

A vast and rapidly growing literature abounds on a class of peptides commonly called growth factors. Accelerated healing of skin wounds has been reported after local application of several growth factors.

After injury, the platelets travel to the wound site, form a clot, and hemostasis is obtained. Platelets secrete peptides such as platelet-derived growth factor […]

Training young athletes

The most decisive stage of an athlete’s life from a medical and orthopedic point of view is probably the moment of decision to concentrate on one particular sport, with all that that entails in the way of prolonged and planned intensive training. It would be desirable for a young athlete’s physiological qualifications for the sport […]

Children and adolescents

Regular training of children and adolescents is becoming more common in sport, and competitive sports are indulged in with ever-increasing intensity at ever-decreasing ages. In certain sports, such as figure skating,swimming and gymnastics, children start regular training when they are 5–6 years old, and even in contact sports, such as soccer, training and competition they […]