Bursa Injuries (Bursitis Treatment) in Singapore

Table of Contents Introduction Inflammatory bursitis Frictional bursitis Symptoms and Diagnosis Treatment for Bursa Injuries in Singapore Introduction Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs whose function is to reduce friction, distribute stress, and protect the underlying structures. They may be found between a bone and a tendon, between two tendons, or between a bone or tendon …

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Palpation of Soft Tissue

Table of Contents Introduction Distally and slightly lateral to the olecranon Introduction Over the olecranon lies the olecranon bursa, which is only really palpable when it becomes inflamed and swollen. Keep the subject’s elbow flexed. Palpate for the upper border (apex) of the olecranon. Feel just lateral to this apex for the insertion of the …

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