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Knee problems we treat:

  • Arthritis of the Knee in young patients
  • Arthritis of the Knee in adults and the elderly
  • Complex knee Problems following
  • Problems following bone and joint  infection around the knee
  • Deformity due to growth defects or fracture around the knee
  • Congenital abnormalities around the knee
  • Treatments:
    • Total Knee replacement
    • Complex total Knee Replacement
    • Arthroscopy,  treatment of cartilage tears and articular defects
    • Computer guided Surgery
    • Patello femoral replacement
    • Osteotomy
    • Cortisone injection
  • Knee problems following injury / early wear and tear / inflammation
    • Arthroscopy treatment of damaged/torn cartilages
    • Arthroscopic micro-fracture of cartilage defects to regenerate cartilage
    • Arthroscopic removal of loose bodies from knees
    • Arthroscopic assessment/biopsy of the painful knee
    • Needle aspiration of knee for diagnostic purposes
  • Treatment of Complications following Previous Knee Replacement
  • Revision Knee Surgery
    • Loosening of previous knee replacement
    • Ligament Instability following knee replacement
    • Infection following knee replacement
    • Fractures around knee replacements
    • Persistent deformity or stiffness  following knee replacement
    • Replacement of worn out knee replacements
    • Assessment and treatment of painful knee replacements
    • Needle aspiration of painful knee replacement for diagnostic purposes
  • Treatment of Knee Problems following Previous Fracture
    • Treatment of painful knees following fracture treatment
    • Knee replacement following knee fractures
    • Removal of painful metal work from  fractures around the knee
    • Arthritis and skeletal deformity as a result of previous fracture

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