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Entrapment of the Median Nerve (Pronator Teres Syndrome)

The median nerve runs in front of the elbow joint and past the pronator muscle. Entrapment of this nerve is a rare condition in sport.

Symptoms and diagnosis

– Pain and tenderness occur in the middle anterior aspect of the elbow.
– Numbness is felt in the second and third fingers, and in the radial half of the fourth finger.
– Pain can be elicited by pronation of the lower arm against resistance.
– Weakness is present in palmar flexion of the hand.
– Discomfort during resisted elbow flexion and forearm pronation can support the diagnosis.


The athlete should:
– rest from painful activity;
– use heat.

The doctor may:
– prescribe anti-inflammatory medication;
– immobilize the elbow for a short time;
– operate in chronic cases.

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