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Entrapment of the Radial Nerve

The posterior interosseous or superficial radial nerve branches just below the elbow in the lateral part. It can occasionally be subjected to compression when it passes through the arcade of Frohse in the supinator muscle, which supinates the forearm. The symptoms may be similar to those of tennis elbow.

Symptoms and diagnosis

– Point tenderness may be present below and slightly in front of the lateral epicondyle, directly over the area of nerve entrapment.
– Pain is felt and strength impaired when the wrist joint is extended and the forearm is supinated.
– Electromyographic and nerve conduction studies may be helpful in identifying which motor segment is involved.


The athlete should rest and gradually increase activities.

The doctor may:
– prescribe anti-inflammatory medication;
– operate to free the nerve and enlarge the canal in which it runs. Surgery usually gives good results.

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