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Bony landmarks

The subject holds his elbow in 90° of flexion and the forearm supinated. The lateral epicondyle can be palpated as the most prominent bone.From its anterior aspect originates the extensor
carpi radialis brevis muscle. The epicondylar border continues proximally in the lateral supracondylar ridge. Level with it and from the
anterior surface of the humerus originate the brachioradialis and, just below it, the extensor carpi radialis longus muscles.Palpate distal to the epicondyle for a depression
– the radiohumeral joint Line.Its proximal
– the lateral edge of the humeral capitulum
– can be felt as a spherical structure.

The distal component

– the head of the radius
– is well perceivable when small rotatory movements of the forearm are performed. The joint line becomes a bit wider and thus even better
palpable when the elbow is brought towards more extension. Feel for the lower border of the head of the radius and place the finger just
distally to it. It now lies on the radial neck.

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