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Palpation of soft tissue

Over the olecranon lies the olecranon bursa,which is only really palpable when it becomes inflamed and swollen.Keep the subject’s elbow flexed. Palpate for the upper border (apex) of the olecranon. Feel just lateral to this apex for the insertion of the tendon
of the triceps muscle. Move the fingers upwards: a broad and flat tendon is felt and ends in the musculotendinous junction, shaped as
an inverted U.Distally and slightly lateral to the olecranon
the anconeus muscle can be felt during an attempt to actively over-extend the elbow.Palpation on a flexed elbow between the
olecranon and the medial epicondyle discloses the sulcus in which the ulnar nerve – a soft and round structure – can be found.

It is covered by the posterior part of the ulnar collateral ligament.
The nerve courses under the medial head of the triceps musde, then behind the medial epicondyle and then further distally in between
the two heads of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle, which form an aponeurotic arch.

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