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Posterior Elbow Injuries

Posterior tennis elbow

Posterior tennis elbow, also known as posterior olecranon impingement or hyperextension elbow injury, is associated with aggressive elbow extension during the follow-through phase. The olecranon can impinge on the posterior aspect of the humerus and cause problems, such as triceps tendinosis. Osteophytes can form on the olecranon by forced hyperextension of the olecranon into the olecranon fossa, or by shear forces between the posterior medial aspect of the olecranon and the olecranon fossa secondary to the valgus movement placed on the elbow during the serve.

Pathological changes in the posterior compartment can be evaluated arthroscopically through a posterior lateral portal. The osteophytes are usually located on the posterior medial aspect of the olecranon.
Treatment is usually conservative, but surgery is increasingly used to remove osteophytes and/or loose bodies. Return to sport is possible within 2–4 months.

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