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Friction Burns

An athlete who falls during training or competition on a synthetic surface or a synthetically treated floor runs the risk of sustaining friction burns. Usually the burn affects only the outer layer of skin and in its mildest form causes only superficial redness which needs no treatment, but if contact is hard it may result in an abrasion. If blisters appear in the skin, they should be covered with a clean dressing; if the skin is broken, the wound should be cleansed and dressed as soon as possible as described above, in order to
prevent infection.
Treatment and prevention
The athlete or trainer should:
– prevent friction burns by making sure that the correct equipment and clothing for the protection of vulnerable areas is used;
– reduce friction during falls by rubbing exposed parts with greasy ointment;
– treat frictional burns by cleaning the wound carefully with soap and water and dressing with medicated compresses held in place with a bandage.

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