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Lipomas are noncancerous tumours made up of fat cells that grow beneath the skin. These tumours are normally painless and slow-growing, and they can appear anywhere there is fat. While they are not usually harmful, they can cause discomfort and be unsightly.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about lipomas, including their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Causes of Lipomas

Lipomas have no known cause, but they do run in families and may be inherited. Lipoma growth can be triggered by injuries or trauma to the affected area in some situations.

Symptoms of Lipomas

Lipomas are typically round or oval in shape, with diameters ranging from a few millimetres to several centimetres. They are soft to the touch and have a doughy or rubbery texture. They can be pressed or pinched without producing discomfort and move readily under the skin.

Lipomas are normally not painful, although they can be uncomfortable if they develop in a sensitive location, such as the armpit or groin. They can also be unsightly, especially if they are huge or in a visible location.

Diagnosis of Lipomas

Lipomas are typically identified by their appearance and texture. To confirm the diagnosis and rule out other disorders, your doctor may perform a physical examination of the affected area and prescribe imaging tests, such as an ultrasound or MRI.

A biopsy may be required in rare circumstances to confirm that the lump is a lipoma and not a malignant tumour.

Treatment Options for Lipomas in Singapore

Lipomas are usually harmless and do not require treatment unless they are causing discomfort or cosmetic concerns. In such cases, your doctor may recommend one of the following treatment options:

  1. Observation and monitoring: If the lipoma is small and not causing any problems, your doctor may recommend simply observing it and monitoring its growth.
  2. Surgery: Your doctor could advise surgical removal if the lipoma is huge or causing you pain. Making a small incision to remove the lipoma is required for this treatment, which is often carried out under local anaesthesia.
  3. Liposuction: A lipoma may occasionally be removed with liposuction. In this treatment, the fatty tissue is suctioned out using a tiny, hollow tube.
  4. Steroid injections: In rare circumstances, your doctor might suggest a steroid injection to reduce the lipoma.


Lipomas are common, benign tumors that can occur anywhere in the body where fat is located. While they are generally harmless, they can cause discomfort and be cosmetically unappealing. If you have a lipoma that is causing problems, talk to your doctor about your treatment options. With proper diagnosis and treatment, lipomas can be safely and effectively managed.

Lipoma FAQ

The procedure entails the doctor injecting local anaesthetic near the location of the lipoma. Consequently, an incision is made to remove the benign growth and is then closed with sutures.
A lipoma normally doesn't require any kind of therapy. Your doctor might advise removal if the lipoma bothers you, is painful, or is expanding.
A benign lump of fatty tissue called a lipoma typically develops between your skin and the muscle beneath it. However frightening it may be to discover a lump on your body, lipomas are most likely harmless. Your doctor should still examine them, though, just to be safe.
Usually, lipomas feel like hard nodules under the skin. If the growths are pressing on a neighbouring nerve, they might produce intense burning or pain. Some people have intermittent pain, while others experience ongoing suffering.


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