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Pressure sores

People with paralyzed legs often are dependent on crutches or a wheelchair and often have impaired sensitivity over the buttocks. Sitting for a long time causes pressure that can result in the development of pressure sores. These start as small red spots that do not look particularly ominous, but if  overlooked because of impaired sensitivity, may progress rapidly to create a deep sore which takes a long time to heal.Prevention is of paramount importance. The athlete should not remain sitting for too long but should regularly be lifted out of the chair. Before each competition or training session the coach should examine the athlete and look for signs of pressure sores. If any skin redness is detected, the area in question should be relieved from pressure, by using a rubber ring or by using alternative sitting positions. The skin area should be washed with soap and water, dried thoroughly, rubbed with surgical spirit, and exposed to the air. If a sore has appeared a doctor should be consulted.

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