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Sport-specific rehabilitation in water

Hydrotherapy or aquatic training has many benefits. It allows for earlier and more aggressive training. The increased effects on circulation, respiration and metabolic rate are just as important as increases in range of motion, strength, power and endurance. Side-effects such as psychological well-being and relaxation are always welcome.The therapist must understand the hydrodynamic principles of buoyancy, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure,refraction and temperature, as well as the biologic effects of immersion: the aim is to combine this knowledge with the requirements of the athlete’s diagnosis, sport, and goals. Regulating the intensity is important so that the athlete gets the right level of training. To increase the intensity, the use of faster and bigger movements or of resistance equipment is recommended.Healthy athletes can use water training as a complement to their usual training so that injuries from overtraining may be avoided.

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