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De Quervain’s disease in Singapore

De Quervain's disease in Singapore

De Quervain's disease in Singapore

What it is:

  • Swelling and pain on the thumb side of the wrist.
  • Unable to open doors, bottle caps or wring cloth.
  • Commonly known as the washerwoman’s sprain and, more recently, the Blackberry thumb, after the name of the popular smartphone.
  • More common in women, especially those who do housework.
  • First-time parents, including fathers, often get this ailment from putting stress on their thumbs while carrying their newborn child.
  • If left untreated, it can lead to the permanent loss of the use of the thumb.

What causes it:

Forceful gripping or repetitive use of the thumb and wrist, say, while wringing clothes, gardening or mopping, can lead to inflammation of the two tendons controlling the thumb. Hand-held devices like game consoles and BlackBerries can also overwork the thumbs.

Treatment options:

Rest, splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injection to curb inflammation and surgery to enlarge the channel through which the two tendons run so that pressure is released.

For further treatment options please call us at +65 9724 1219 (24 hours)

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