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ECU (extensor carpi ulnaris) tendinitis

ECU (extensor carpi ulnaris) tendinitis

ECU (extensor carpi ulnaris) tendinitis

What it is:

  • Pain on the back of the wrist near the pinky or little finger (right, cricled area).
  • Unable to move the wrist or carry heavy objects.
  • Common among the young and active, especially those who play racquet sports and basketball, and also those who spend long hours typing.
  • If left untreated, the patient may end up unable to rotate his wrist permanently.

What causes it:

Repetitive weight bearing on the wrist leads to inflammation of the tendon that runs along the back of the wrist on the side of the pink finger. It can also be cause by severe actions such as a blow to the hand.

Treatment options:

Rest, splinting (with devices that hold the hand and wrist in a position that helps in healing), anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections to curb inflammation and surgery to release the tendon from its sheath.

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