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Trigger Finger Treatment in Singapore

Trigger Finger Treatment in Singapore

Trigger Finger Treatment in Singapore

What it is:

  • Finger is unable to extend after bending. As on tries harder to straighten the finger, it snaps open as the swollen tendon that was restrained is freed suddenly.
  • Pain at the base of the affected finger on the palm. There may also be swelling at the base of the affected finger.
  • Common among the middle-aged, taxi drivers (who have to drive long hours every day), housewives and those who often use their fingers in a gripping motion.
  • Also common among people who often use the computer or mobile phone.
  • If left untreated, an affected finger can become permanently bent inwards.

What causes it:

The condition arises from the narrowing of the tendon sheaths (the tendon’s protective cover) and the inflammation of then tendon. As the tendon gets caught in the sheath, the fingers are “locked” until the tendon is freed from the right spot. Often associated with forceful or repetitive use of the fingers.

Treatment options:

Rest, splinting, finger exercises, anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injection to curb inflammation and surgery to release the tendon from its sheath.

For further treatment options please call us at +65 9724 1219 (24 hours)

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