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Lateral Hip Discomfort Trochanteritis (Inflammation and Calcification of the greater Trochanter)

Some of the large muscle groups of the buttocks have their attachments to the greater trochanter of the femur in the upper, outer (lateral) part of the thigh. An irritant inflammatory condition can be initiated in the muscle attachment of the gluteal muscles in, for example, crosscountry runners and orienteers.

Symptoms and diagnosis

– Pain occurs over the upper part of the femur on the lateral aspect of the hip.
– Tenderness occurs on pressure over a small area around the greater trochanter.
– Pain is precipitated by pressing the leg outwards against resistance.
– An X-ray examination sometimes reveals calcification in the area in question.
– Ultrasound or MRI scans may show soft tissue pathological changes.


The athlete should:
– rest initially, and then gradually return to activity as tolerated;
– apply local heat and use a heat retainer.

The doctor may:
– prescribe anti-inflammatory medication;
– initiate a muscle exercise program;
– administer a steroid injection combined with prescribed rest.

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