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Medial femoral triangle (trigonum of Scarpa)

The medial femoral triangle is defined superiorly
by the inguinal ligament, medially by the
adductor longus and laterally by the sartoriU5.
The floor of the triangle is formed by portions
of the iliopsoas on the lateral side and the
pectineus on the medial side.
Definition in vivo
To define the belly of the sartorius. Stand level with
the knee of the subject at the ipsilateral side
and face the hip. The hip is slightly bent and
slightly abducted. Keep the knee 90° flexed with
its lateral side resting against your hip.

Ask the patient to perform a flexion and lateral
rotation at the hip. The former is resisted with the
contralateral hand, the latter with the ipsilateral
one. The muscle becomes even more visible if the
subject is asked to add some flexion movement in
the knee.

To define the adductor fongus.

The starting position is the same. Stand level with the slightly flexed
knee. The hip is slightly flexed and abducted, the foot rests on the couch.
Place the ipsilateral hand at the inner side of the knee and resist the add uction movement.The adductor longus is revealed as the most prominent anterior and medial structure.

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