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Palpation of the iliopsoas tendon and neurovascular structures in the groin

The most important landmark is the femoral artery whose pulse is easily found under the inguinal ligament. The artery courses downwards and slightly medially towards the tip of the triangle. The femoral nerve can sometimes be felt as
a small and round strand rolling under the palpating finger about one finger-width lateral to the artery and just distal to the inguinal ligament.

The femoral vein is medial to the artery and in normal circumstances not palpable.
The tendon of the iliopsoas can be detected between the femoral artery and the sartorius muscle, just below the inguinal ligament. To facilitate the palpation one can bring the hip into slight flexion and slight lateral rotation. The localization can be confirmed when the patient is asked to flex the hip against resistance.The muscular structure that can be palpated deeply in the medial corner of the medial femoral triangle is the pectineus muscle. Just medial to it the strong adductor longus is again recognized.

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