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Passive adduction


The subject lies in a relaxed supine position. The examiner stands at the foot-end of the couch. One hand carries the heel, the other hand lifts the extended contralateral leg to about 45° of nexion.


Move the leg into add uction under the extended contralateral leg until the pelvis starts tilting laterally.

Common mistakes:

• Carrying on adduction beyond the start of lateral pelvic tilt.
• Adduction and medial rotation is unintentionally added in the contralateral hip.

Normal functional anatomy:
• Range: 20–45°
• End-feel: soft ligamentous
• Limiting structures:

– superior part of the iliofemoral ligament
– iliotibial band, tensor fasciae latae superior part of gluteus maximus and medius, gemelli, piriformis and obturator intern us.

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