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Resisted lateral rotation


The subject lies prone with the hips slightly abducted and the knees flexed to 900, The examiner sits at the foot-end of the couch, just distal to the knees. With crossed arms, he places both hands against the internal malleoli.


Ask the subject to push the feel towards each other, and resist the movemenl

Common mistakes.

Lordosis of the back may provoke pain from either the lumbosacral junction
or the sacroiliac joints.

Anatomical structures tested:

Muscle function:

• III/portnllt lateral rotators:

– Piriformis
– Quadratus femoris
– Obturator internus and externus
– Gemelli
– Gluteus medius and maxim us
– Sartorius
– Iliopsoas

• Accessory lateral rotators:

– Adductor longus and brevis
– Pectineus.

Common pathological situations:

• Gluteal pain is usually the result of a compression of an inflamed bursa.
• Groin pain may be provoked in lesions of the sartorius muscle.

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