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Rupture of the Upper part of the Rectus Femoris Muscle-Tendon Unit

Pain in the groin can be caused by a rupture in the origin or the upper third of the rectus femoris muscletendon junction. This rupture is usually partial, but complete rupture may occur. The rupture can occur during shooting and tackling in football and also during fast acceleration in general.

Symptoms and diagnosis

– During vigorous flexing of the hip joint or extension of the knee joint a sudden stabbing pain is felt in the groin.
– In cases of complete rupture it is impossible to contract the muscle.
– A defect and tenderness can often be felt in the belly of the muscle.
– An X-ray examination is needed since a fragment of bone may have been torn away from the origin,
especially in growing adolescents. At a later stage there may be residual calcification following bleeding.


– Partial rupture.
– In complete rupture, surgery is probably preferable, especially if the origin of the muscle has been torn away from the skeleton near the joint, taking with it a fragment of bone.

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