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SPECIFIC TESTS-Bilateral passive medial rotation in prone position


This test is very useful in detecting minor limitations.Since both hips are examined together, even the slightest limitation of medial rotation
or a divergence in the end-feel can be detected.


The subject lies in the prone position with the knees together and flexed to 90°. The examiner stands at the foot-end of the couch,just distal to the knees, and places both hands against the inner malleoli.


Rotate the thighs outwards until the movement comes to a ligamentous stop.

Common mistakes.

Care should be taken to keep the buttocks level during the whole procedure.

Common pathological situations:

• A minor limitation may be an early sign of arthritis: this is the first movement to become restricted at the onset of the disease.
• In children either a minor restriction or change in end-feel can be the first sign of Perthes’ disease.

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