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Passive medial rotation


The subject lies in the supine position with the knee and hip flexed to right angles.
The examiner stands level with the subject’S knee.One forearm carries the lower leg. The other hand grasps the calcaneus from the lateral side.Both hands clasp tightly under the heel which is forced into dorsiflexion.


A combined movement of both wrists turns the lower leg into medial rotation.

Common mistakes. The hands are placed too
distally on the foot. In order to protect the lateral
ligaments, it is important to exert the pressure
at the ankle, and not beyond the calcaneocuboid
joint line.
Normal functional anatomy:
• Range: 30°
• End-jeel: elastic ligamentous
• Limiting structures:
– lateral meniscotibial (coronary) ligament
– cruciate ligaments
– lateral capsular ligaments.

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