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Variation: anterior drawer in 20· of flexion (Lachman test)


The subject lies in the supine position with the legs extended. The examiner stands level with the knee. One hand grasps the proximal tibia from the medial side, the fingers in the popliteal fossa and the thumb at the tibial tuberosity.
The other hand holds the distal femur from the lateral side, the thumb just proximal to the patella.


Bring the knee into about 20· of Aexion and, using both hands, displace the proximal tibia anteriorly.

Common mistakes.


Normal functional anatomy:

• Range: in a normal knee only a small amplitude of anterior glide (less than 5 mm) is obtainable
• End-feel: ligamentous
• Umiting structures: anterior crudate ligament.Common pathological situations. This test is preferred to detect ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament.

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