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Variation of the valgus test

The test can be repeated with the knee in slight flexion (20-30°). Here the thigh rests on the couch and the lower leg hangs over the edge. Positioning
of the hands is the same , as is the procedure.[n this position the cruciate ligaments no longer hold both joint surfaces in firm apposition; therefore
some movement can be elicited and more stress is put on the medial ligamentous complex.

Common pathological situations:

• Medial pain during valgus stress is typical for a sprained medial collateral ligament. The test can also be positive in internal derangement
of the knee and in medial collateral ligament bursitis.
• Increased range in 30° of flexion is typical for a rupture of the medial compartment ligaments.
• If valgus stress in full extension also shows an increased range, the posterior cruciate ligament is probably torn as well.

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