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Resisted adduction


The subject stands with the arm hanging and slightly abducted. The examiner stands level with the subject’s arm. He places one hand against the ipsilateral hip and the other hand against the inner aspect of the elbow.


Resist the subject’S attempt to adduct her arm.

Common mistakes:

• The elbow is allowed to flex.
• Movement is allowed at the shoulder.

Anatomical structures tested:
Muscle function:

• III/portallt addllctors:
– Pectoralis major
– Latissimus dorsi
– Teres major
– Teres minor
• Less ill/portallt adductors:
– Long head of triceps brachii
– Short head of biceps brachii
– Clavicular part of deltoid
– Spinal part of deltoid.

Common pathological situations:

• Pain suggests a lesion in one of the adductor
muscles or in the thoracic wall.
• Weakness occurs in severe C7 nerve root palsy.
• Painful weakness is perceived in rib fractures and more rarely in a rupture of the pectoralis major muscle.

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