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Middle Glenohumeral Ligament

The MGHL originates on the supraglenoid tubercle or anterosuperior labrum, and it inserts on the lesser tuberosity running obliquely to the SGHL and the CHL. It is present between 60% and 80% of individuals as a discrete band or thickening of the anterior capsule confluent with the IGHL.

The MGHL becomes taut at 45 degrees of abduction and 10 degrees of extension and external rotation. Selective sectioning of the MGHL resulted in increased translation at the joint, and abducting the arm to 45 degrees increased the strain in the MGHL . Therefore, the overall function of the MGHL is to support the arm, to limit both anterior and posterior translation of the arm at 45 degrees of abduction and 45 degrees of external rotation, and to provide anterosuperior stability.

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