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Open Nonanatomic Repairs

Latarjet was the first to describe the technique of using a portion of the coracoid transferred to the anterior glenoid as a buttress to anterior humeral translation in 1958. In this procedure, the transfer includes a portion of the coracoacromial ligament that is sutured to the capsular tissue through a short horizontal incision made in the subscapularis.

The Latarjet procedure reconstructs the glenoid depth and width with the bone block and creates a dynamic reinforcement of the inferior capsule through the coracobrachialis muscle, particularly while the arm is abducted and externally rotated.

In the Bristow procedure, popularized by Helfet, only the tip of the coracoid process and attached coracobrachialis is transferred to the anterior glenoid.Even though these nonanatomic techniques fail to address the essential lesion, they do provide reliable and durable anterior stabilization.

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