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Passive tests-Passive external rotation with the shoulder in 900 abduction


The subject stands with the arm hanging alongside the body and the elbow flexed to 90°. The examiner stands level with the subject’s
arm. The contralateral hand takes hold of the elbow and brings the arm into 90° of abduction.The other hand grasps the distal forearm.


Put the shoulder into external rotation,meanwhile stabilizing the elbow.

Common mistakes.

If the movement is too painful the patient will move the body backwards.

Normal functional anatomy:

o Rallge: 90°
o Elld-Jeel: elastic
• Limiting structures:
– the anterior part of the joint capsule
– the adductors and internal rotators of the shoulder.

Common pathological situations:

• The movement is limited in arthritis and
arthrosis of the shoulder and also in isolated
contracture of the anterior part of the joint
• Excessive movement may be present in
shoulder instability.

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