Understanding Bankart Repair in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

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Sports-related shoulder injuries are becoming more prevalent among active individuals in Singapore. Among these injuries, damage to the labrum—a cartilage ring that stabilizes the shoulder socket—is frequent. When such damage arises from dislocation or repetitive stress, it is termed a Bankart lesion.

What is Bankart Repair?

Bankart repair is a surgical procedure aimed at treating shoulder instability caused by a Bankart lesion. The procedure focuses on repairing the torn labrum and reattaching it to the shoulder socket (glenoid). This restores stability to the shoulder joint and reduces the risk of recurrent dislocations.

Indications for BankArt Repair

People who have had shoulder dislocations or subluxations (partial dislocations) are more likely to undergo Bankart repair. These injuries frequently arise during athletic activity or as a result of severe incidents. Symptoms include shoulder soreness, a sense of instability, and a limited range of motion.

The Procedure

  1. Preparation: Before surgery, the surgeon will perform a complete evaluation, including imaging tests like MRI scans, to confirm the diagnosis and examine the extent of the injury.
  2. Surgery: Bankart repair is often performed arthroscopically, using a minimally invasive approach. To access and repair the labrum, small incisions around the shoulder are made, followed by the use of a tiny camera (arthroscope) and specialised equipment.
  3. Repair: During the procedure, the torn labrum is identified and reattached to the glenoid using sutures or anchors. These anchors are placed into the bone to secure the labrum in its correct anatomical position.
  4. Recovery: After surgery, patients typically undergo a structured rehabilitation program supervised by physiotherapists. This program aims to restore strength, flexibility, and function to the shoulder gradually.

Benefits of Bankart Repair

  • Improved Stability: By repairing the labrum, Bankart treatment lowers the chance of recurring shoulder dislocations.
  • Minimally Invasive: Arthroscopic procedures lessen surgical trauma, resulting in faster recovery and less pain.
  • Effective Results: Following therapy, many patients find significant improvement in shoulder function and are able to resume typical activities, such as sports.

Finding Bankart Repair Specialists in Singapore

Singapore is well known for its state-of-the-art hospitals and highly qualified orthopaedic doctors. Patients seeking Bankart repair can consult orthopaedic surgeons or sports medicine specialists at numerous clinics and hospitals around the US. Selecting a surgeon with experience in shoulder arthroscopy and a proven track record of treating shoulder instability is crucial.


For people in Singapore who experience frequent dislocations and instability in their shoulders as a result of Bankart lesions, Bankart repair is a useful alternative. With improvements in surgical methods and standards for rehabilitation, patients can anticipate receiving efficient care and going back to leading active lives. The first step in determining whether Bankart repair is the best option for regaining shoulder stability and function is to speak with a licenced orthopaedic surgeon.

Bankart Repair FAQ

Rehabilitation is closely monitored during the initial 2-9 weeks to allow tendons to heal to the bone. The primary aim is to restore full motion within 3 months post-surgery, typically achieved by 12 weeks for most patients.
The risks associated with Bankart repair include infection at the surgical site, potential stiffness or frozen shoulder post-surgery, minor risk of nerve or blood vessel damage during the procedure, incomplete healing of the labrum, anesthesia-related issues, manageable post-operative pain, and a small chance of recurrent shoulder instability.
After Bankart repair surgery, recommended exercises typically include gentle range-of-motion exercises initially, followed by strengthening exercises for the shoulder muscles. These may include pendulum swings, passive range-of-motion exercises, and gradually progressing to active exercises like shoulder flexion, abduction, and external rotation. Physical therapy helps in regaining strength, stability, and full range of motion.
Yes, there are alternatives to Bankart repair surgery based on the degree of the shoulder instability and the patient's preferences. Non-surgical options may include physical therapy to strengthen surrounding muscles, activity modification to minimise aggravating movements, and the use of a shoulder brace for support. If conservative methods fail to offer relief, then surgical alternatives such as capsular plication or remplissage may be considered. It is critical to contact with an orthopaedic professional to establish the best treatment option depending on particular circumstances.


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