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Types of Lesions

Cartilage repair response has been the focus of investigations for more than 250 years. In 1742 Hunter noted that “ulcerated cartilage is a troublesome thing … once destroyed it is not repaired . Since that time, the observations made by Hunter have been reiterated by nearly every scientific study on the topic.

The lack of […]

Absolute Indications for Open Surgery

Absolute indications for open stabilization procedures include significant degrees of glenoid or humeral bone loss, capsular deficiencies, or irreparable rotator cuff tears, particularly those of the subscapularis. In individuals with significant anterior glenoid erosion, an osseous reconstruction should be performed.

In the rare case where a large humeral head defect (Hill-Sachs lesion) plays a […]

Thumb MCP Joint Dislocations

The MCP joint is capable of a large degree of motion. The supporting structures of the thumb-MCP joint are uniquely developed. Dorsal (backwards) dislocation of the thumb MCP joint is a similar clinical entity to dislocation of the MCP joints of the fingers, with volar plate disruption and possible entrapment of the metacarpal head by […]

Dislocations around the Wrist

Dislocations around the wrist are rare in sports, but are important to recognize because a good recovery depends on early and correct diagnosis and treatment. Even with proper treatment, these injuries often have long-term residual symptoms.

Separation between the scaphoid and lunate

Scapholunate dissociation may occur in forced dorsiflexion of the wrist. Ligamentous disruption between […]

Wrist Injuries

Wrist problems are more common in hand-intensive sports and sports that entail gripping an object such as a tennis racket or golf club. Most injuries are due to repetitive overuse. Wrist fractures can occur in sports with high-energy falls, such as snowboarding, skiing, and skating.

The wrist and hand are complex anatomic structures that allow […]

Ligament injuries

Ligament injuries in athletes are common, particularly around the knee and the ankle. They also occur in the shoulder, elbow, and thumb

Functional anatomy

Ligaments are attached to the two bones that compose the joint . Ligaments provide stability to the joint, while still allowing motion. They cannot actively resist motion, but provide a ‘check […]

A Patient’s Guide to Jumper’s Knee in Children and Adolescents


When a child or adolescent complains of pain and tenderness near the bottom of the kneecap, the problem might be from jumper’s knee. Kids in sports that require a lot of kicking, jumping, or running are affected most. Doing these actions over and over can lead to pain in the tendon that stretches over […]