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Intrinsic muscles of the hand


When the intrinsic muscles of the hand are affected,it is usually a lesion in the dorsal interossei. These muscles mainly abduct the fingers away from the middle finger.There are four dorsal interossei and three palmar ones. The latter adduct the fingers towards the middle finger. These muscles can be tested by spreading the fingers […]

Hand Injuries

The hand is one of the most common sites of injury during athletic competition. The palm consists of five metacarpal bones, one for each digit. The metacarpals in the middle of the hand have very little motion and provide a stable palm, while the little finger and especially the thumb have significantly more motion to […]

Hallux Valgus


Increasing stiffness, aching pain and typical deformation of MTP I without preceding trauma. Often the symptoms are bilateral. This condition is commonly presented by middle-aged recreational athletes or sedentary people, predominantly female, but it can occur in younger individuals.


The aetiology is unclear but there is possibly a genetic predisposition to this disease, […]