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Syndesmosis Ligament Rupture


There is a severe sharp pain around the anterior tibio fibula junction, haemarthrosis and sense of ankle instability after a severe hyperflexion – inversion or eversion ankle sprain. A player cannot continue and will limp off the pitch. This injury is well-known in association with a fracture but occurs frequently in isolation in […]

Anterior Impingement Syndrome


There is a gradually increasing stiffness of the ankle and exercise-induced pain around the anterior part of the ankle joint, often after previous sprain.


Impingement syndrome is not a diagnosis but a symptom and may be caused by repetitive trauma to the anterior ankle joint, for example from striking footballs, recurrent sprains causing […]

Sesam Bone Stress Fractures


There is gradually increasing exerciseinduced pain and swelling around and below MTP I or diffuse pain in the forefoot on forefoot landings and running.


This injury is usually caused by excessive direct impact from landing on the forefoot on hard surfaces.


There is distinct tenderness on palpation over the medial or […]