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Approach to Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis

A decision regarding whether and when to provide treatment for a medical condition is most often based on a complete understanding of the natural history of that disease. Unfortunately, the natural history of adhesive capsulitis is poorly understood. Although reports on this disease and its treatment have been numerous, clinical observations have varied widely with […]

Current Grading Systems

More than 15 grading systems and return-to-play parameters have been published to guide the team physician, trainer, and coach in the evaluation and management of concussion. However, because of a lack of scientific foundation, these recommendations and grading systems are relatively arbitrary guides.

For example, most concussion grading systems determine return-to-play decisions based on the […]

Choice of fuel

Short competitive period

Before competitions that last for up to 1 hour, no particular dietary adjustment is necessary, since the body’s normal glycogen stores are sufficient. An unnecessarily high carbohydrate intake results in a weight increase as considerable quantities of fluid are bound in muscles and liver during glycogen storage (1 g of sugar binds […]