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Posterior Elbow Injuries

Posterior tennis elbow

Posterior tennis elbow, also known as posterior olecranon impingement or hyperextension elbow injury, is associated with aggressive elbow extension during the follow-through phase. The olecranon can impinge on the posterior aspect of the humerus and cause problems, such as triceps tendinosis. Osteophytes can form on the olecranon by forced hyperextension of the […]


Throwing injuries are of increasing importance in both professional and amateur sports. They affect adults and children alike. Sports prone to throwing injuries include baseball, American football, tennis and other racket sports, javelin throwing, team handball, cricket, and sports with other overhead motions such as swimming and volleyball.

Throwing mechanism

The basic principle in throwing […]

Triceps Tendon Rupture


There is acute onset of pain and bleeding around the triceps, tendor insection at the olecranon of the elbow, and loss of extension power.


This is an injury occurring from an excessive eccentric contraction or direct impact to the elbow, often affecting players in contact sports. Occasionally an avulsion fracture may […]

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture


There is acute pain in the elbow and sudden weakness in elbow flexion.


This is an acute injury, where the tendon usually ruptures close to the distal insertion at the radius during an excessive elbow extension or flexion manoeuvre.


Pain and weakness is provoked by resisting elbow flexion. […]