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Rotator Cuff Muscles

The RTC is composed of the supraspinatus, the infraspinatus, the subscapularis, and the teres minor muscles. The tendinous portion of the supraspinatus interdigitates with the subscapularis and the infraspinatus to form a common, continuous insertion on the humeral head, enveloping approximately 75% of the GH articulation and with a mean area of insertion on the […]

Adductor Tendonitis / Tendinosis


Gradual onset of diffuse or localised exercise-induced pain at the insertion of the adductor longus around the symphysis. It can be associated with a slip, strain or split on a slippery football pitch. It is common in footballers, who usually complain of an inability to strike the ball with full power.



Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease


There is gradual onset of localised exercise-induced pain and soreness at rest around the tuberositas tibia of the knee in a young growing athlete, usually 12 to 16 years old, without preceding trauma. It may be bilateral or affect the knees separately, depending on the growth of each leg.


The condition […]