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For any significant neck injury, radiography of the cervical spine should be performed, including AP, lateral, bilateral oblique, lateral flexion, and extension views. Imaging may be deferred in cases of recurrent burners in which symptoms resolve, but radiography should be considered for any athlete with first-time symptoms. Radiographs should be evaluated for loss of cervical […]

A Patient’s Guide to Cervical Foraminotomy


Foraminotomy is a surgical procedure for widening the area where the spinal nerve roots exit the spinal column. A foramen is the opening around the nerve root, and otomy refers to the medical procedure for enlarging the opening. In this procedure, surgeons widen the passageway to relieve pressure where the spinal nerve […]

Patients with Spinal Stenosis Can Benefit from Nerve Blocks

Despite our many advances in medicine and especially all the improved technology, we still don’t know what causes back pain for many people. And without an understanding of the cause, it is difficult to find an effective way to treat it. We do know now that some patients have back pain coming from the facet […]