Ankle Instability (Ankle Giving Way) Treatment in Singapore

Table of Contents What is Ankle Instability? Basics Epidemiology Tests Ankle Instability (Ankle Giving Way) Treatment in Singapore Special Therapy Miscellaneous Patient Teaching FAQ What is Ankle Instability? Ankle Instability is characterised by the feeling of ankle ready to give way. Basics Description Recurrent ankle sprains occurring primarily from an inversion stress on a plantarflexed …

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Ankle Fracture

Table of Contents Basics Epidemiology Diagnosis Treatment for Ankle Fracture in Singapore Disposition Miscellaneous FAQ Basics Description Fractures of the distal end of the fibula and tibia are termed ankle fractures. Usually caused by the twisting of the body around a planted foot or a misstep that results in overstressing the ankle joint Severe fractures …

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Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

Table of Contents Basics Diagnosis Tests Treatment of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in Singapore Special Therapy Follow-up Miscellaneous FAQ Basics Description Destructive, painful, lytic bone lesions occurring in young patients May occur primarily in bone (de novo) or develop within another benign bone lesion Can be locally aggressive and can cause a bone to balloon as …

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