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The scapula is a triangular, flat bone that lies along the posterior thoracic wall. The “plane of the scapula” at rest is approximately 30 to 40 degrees in the frontal plane and is tipped anteriorly by approximately 10 to 20 degrees. Its attachment to the axial skeleton involves the acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joints and the […]


The scapula is the most important bone at the posterior side of the thorax. It has a very prominent spine that is easy to palpate. Feel the scapula’s acromion which can be recognized as a flat bone overlying the shoulder joint.Palpate the anterior aspect of the clavicle and continue further laterally until the acromial end […]

Giant Cell Tumor

Basics Description A benign but often locally aggressive neoplasm, characterized by large numbers of uniformly distributed, osteoclastlike giant cells and a background population of plump, epithelioid-to-spindle mononuclear cells. The vast majority of these tumors are located near the articular end of a tubular bone; ~50% occur in the knee. Other frequently involved sites: Distal […]