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Entrapment of the Ulnar Nerve (Ulnar Neuritis)

If the medial posterior aspect of the elbow is accidentally hit, pain can be felt radiating to the fourth and fifth fingers of the hand. The ulnar nerve runs along the medial edge of the elbow just behind the epicondyle to which the flexor muscles of the wrist are attached. In throwing or racket sports […]

Medial Elbow Injuries

Thrower’s elbow or golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis, medial elbow tendinosis)

Thrower’s or golfer’s elbow is similar to tennis elbow, but the symptoms are located over the inner (medial) epicondyle of the elbow. A right-handed golf player may well suffer from tennis elbow in the (leading) left elbow and golfer’s elbow in the (following) right […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


There is paraesthesia of the radial three and a half fingers and pain around the wrist. Often, sleep is disturbed.


These symptoms are caused by chronic compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel by a hypertrophied flexor tendon retinaculum.


There is tenderness on palpation over the carpal […]

Medial Tibia Stress Syndrome


There is gradual onset of diffuse or localised exercise-induced pain at the posterior medial aspect of the mid and distal tibia. This condition is common during pre-season training. It typically occurs as a result of sudden changes in training habits, such as increase in intensity or amount of impact.


This is a […]

A Patient’s Guide to Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction (Tommy John Surgery)


The doctors call it a UCLR ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. Baseball players and fans call it Tommy John surgery — named after the pitcher (Los Angeles Dodgers) who was the first to have the surgery in 1974. It is one of the major advancements in sports medicine in the last quarter century.

This guide […]