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Carpal Fractures and Ligamentous Instabilities

Carpal Fractures

Carpal Fractures

The human wrist joint is a complex arrangement of small bones and ligaments that form a mobile yet stable link from the powerful forearm to the hand. The normally functioning carpus can position the hand precisely relative to the forearm and provides remarkably stable transmission of forces. Motion and stability of […]

Geriatric Home Care Tips

The most common geriatric orthopedic problems are osteoporosis, back pain and Osteoarthritis of the knee.

Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease which is characterized by progressive loss of bone mass throughout the body. Osteoporosis may strikes at any age but is more common among older people. If an elderly need a special care, then an elderly […]


Surgical complications related to ASAD are similar to those of other shoulder procedures. They can be separated into complications related to inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis and those related to incorrect technique.

An incomplete diagnosis can occur from failure to recognize and address coexisting pathology such as a labral tear or partial rotator cuff tear. These […]

1 in 3 people above age 35 risks developing osteoporosis

SINGAPORE: From the age of 35 years old, one in three people in Singapore could be at risk of developing osteoporosis.

This is according to an analysis of bone scans done under a programme run by Fonterra in Asia.

The New Zealand-based dairy cooperative said by the age of 25 year old, almost 20 per […]

Contusions and lacerations

Contusions are the most common injury in the hand. Care must be taken to rule out more serious injuries such as fractures and ligamentous or tendinous injuries. A contusion can lead to trauma-induced tendonitis; however, the majority of these, too, can be treated with time and conservative measures.

Lacerations of the hand also are very […]

Fracture of the Hook of the Hamate

The hook of the hamate bone projects anteriorly on the lateral side of the palm. A compression fracture of this bone is a rare injury, but it may occur in racket sports, baseball, ice hockey, and cycling if the handle of the racket, bat, club, stick or handlebar is compressed on to the hook of […]

Clavicular Injuries

Fractures of the clavicle

Fractures of the clavicle occur as a result of a tackle or falling on the shoulder or the outstretched hand. Clavicle fractures commonly occur during skiing, cycling, riding, and contact sports. The fracture is often located in the middle third or towards the outer third of the bone.


The area […]

Patella Dislocation


The knee gives way (often with a loud popping sound) followed by immediate haemarthrosis and pain in the anterior part of the knee, preventing further activity.


The medial patella retinaculum ruptures, allowing the kneecap to migrate laterally. The kneecap can lock the knee in the flexed position by getting stuck outside […]

Lateral Collateral Ligament Tear (LCL)


The symptoms are immediate haemarthrosis and pain in the lateral part of the knee. This injury is common in contact sports such as football, rugby and other high-intensity sports. LCL ruptures occur during a varus sprain and cause an inability to continue sport. The forces involved are high; since the lateral knee structures are […]

Cartilage Injuries


There is a gradual or acute on set of effusion and exercise-induced pain often combined with mechanical problems of locking, clicking, clunking or discomfort on impact (compression and rotation). This injury is common in sports such as football, rugby and other high-intensity contact sports but can also occur gradually in sports where hypermobility is […]