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Leg Length Discrepancy

Leg Length Discrepancy

Leg Length Discrepancy

What is leg length discrepancy?

Leg length discrepancy is an orthopaedic problem that usually appears in childhood, in which one’s two legs are of unequal lengths. Often abbreviated as ‘LLD,’ leg length discrepancy may be caused by or associated with a number of other orthopaedic or medical conditions, but is […]

Foot and Ankle Anatomy and Examination

Basics Description The major function of the foot and ankle is to allow even stress distribution between the foot and lower extremity during walking and running. For adequate function, the foot must be plantigrade (i.e., rest evenly flat on the ground) and painless. The muscles that control foot and ankle function include extrinsic (originating […]

Ankle Arthritis

Basics Description The ankle joint is subject to osteoarthritis, but less frequently than other joints, such as the hip and knee . Trauma and abnormal ankle mechanics are the most common causes of ankle arthritis. Demographically, posttraumatic ankle arthritis presents in a younger age group than does primary osteoarthritis. Chronic ankle instability, OCDs, and […]