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The technique and approach of surgical decompression of the suprascapular nerve is dependent on the location of the presumed etiology of the nerve dysfunction. If the pathology is at the suprascapular notch, then the transverse scapular ligament and suprascapular notch may be approached anteriorly, superiorly, or posteriorly.

The anterior approach uses a saber-type incision, just […]

Passive extension


Bring the subject’s wrist into maximal extension.

Common mistakes


Normal functional anatomy:

• Range: 85· • Elld-feel: rather hard • Limitiug strlfctures:

– stretching of the palmar ligaments of the carpus and of the intercarpal ligaments and capsules – contact of the proximal row of carpal bones against the radius.

Common pathological […]

Weakness in the Wrist

Women about 20 years old of slender build sometimes complain of pain in the wrist with exertion (often disappearing at rest) which radiates along the upper side of the forearm. On examination, a degree of hypermobility and laxity of the wrist may be noticed, but often no significant abnormality can be found. Sometimes a small […]

Soft-Tissue Tumors

Basics Description Soft-tissue tumors may occur in any area of the skeleton and in individuals of any age. They may comprise fibrous tissue or tissue originating from muscle, fat, vessels, or nerves. Reactive lesions also cause soft-tissue tumors. Benign tumors far outnumber malignant ones. Differentiating the malignant from the benign can be difficult. Staging: […]

Ganglion of the Wrist


A wrist ganglion is a swelling that generally occurs over the back of the hand or wrist. These are benign, fluid-filled capsules. Ganglions are not cancerous. Although they may grow in size, they will not spread to other parts of the body.


The […]

A Patient’s Guide to Ganglions of the Wrist


A ganglion is a small, harmless cyst, or sac of fluid, that sometimes develops in the wrist. Doctors don’t know exactly what causes ganglions, but a ganglion that isn’t painful and doesn’t interfere with activity can often be left untreated without harm to the patient. However, treatment options are available for painful ganglions or […]

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