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Skeletal Lesions

The limited constraint provided by the glenoid is further decreased by bony lesions of the anterior or posterior glenoid rim. These lesions may result from an osseous (anterior or posterior) Bankart lesion, a displaced glenoid fracture, or wear and erosion of the glenoid rim as a result of multiple recurrent dislocations. Burkhart and De Beer […]

Dislocation of the Shoulder Joint

Dislocation of the shoulder joint is a relatively common injury in sports such as ice hockey, team handball, American football, rugby, riding, alpine skiing, skating, and wrestling. Shoulder dislocations are 3 times more common in men 20–30 years old, than in persons aged over 30 years. The male to female ratio for primary dislocation is […]

Shoulder Dislocation

Basics Description The shoulder joint has the greatest ROM of all joints in the body and, thus, is at high risk for dislocations. Shoulder joint stability depends on various dynamic and static anatomical restraints. Dynamic restraints include: Tendon of the long head of the biceps Scapular stabilizers Rotator cuff muscles and tendons Static restraints […]